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Your Live Tracking with Racemap

Fast, easy, flexible! Want to know more about Live Tracking? Just contact us +49 151 24122370 or and we will be happy to support you.

You want to show your training, races and sports projects live on the internet? You don't always want to set up a new tracking map? You just want to activate the tracking app or your GPS Tracker and start activity right away? Racemap Daily-Tracking-Map is for you.

    Product description:
  • Your Daily-Tracking-Map shows the location of your GPS tracker or your Tracking App real-time. This way your family, friends and colleagues keep track of your activities.
  • You reach your Daily-Tracking-Map with an individual URL e.g. Your link does not change.
  • You decide who is able to follow you.
  • You easily link your Tracking-Map with your Facebook-page or blog.
  • You can also invite friends into your Daily-Tracking-Map to use Live Tracking together.
  • Easy for you. We set up your Daily-Tracking-Map for you. No registration needed.

and Additional

  • 1 year: €30
  • 2 years: €50